The Jawbone Gulch Ranch & 
Buckbrush Expeditions

 are offering 
private guided Mule Deer hunting
 on approximately 2000 acres of land 20 miles west of Cheyenne Wyoming.

 There are a limited number of hunters
 to help insure you get top quality mule deer.
(photo samples below) 
This is also a limited quota hunting area.

The Jawbone Gulch Ranch is located in
 Southeastern Wyoming in the Laramie mountains 
20 miles west of the city of Cheyenne.
Accommodations available.

 For further information, pricing and reservations contact Guy Landers at:



Call soon, the hunting license drawing is: 
March 15th!

Photo Taken by local game warden Mark Nelson
during a deer count survey on our ranch after the season closed in 2005

Big Buck Deer

Here are photo samples from a previous years
 mule deer harvest.

Mule Deer Sample

Mule Deer Sample

 All images and content 2011 Buckbrush Expeditions
Private Mule Deer Hunting Ranch
Cheyenne, Wyoming